Bilstein 46-223661

B12 (Pro-Kit) - Suspension Kit
Bilstein B12 (Pro-Kit) suspension kits are a complete set of B8 Performance Plus dampers paired with Eibach (Pro-Kit) springs that provide moderate lowering between 24-40mm (depending on application). These kits offer dampers and springs that are tuned for each specific application to provide the best fixed height lowering solution. Bilstein B12 (Pro-Kit) suspension kits provide the perfect combination of suspension dynamics, quality and aesthetics.
|2014-2018 BMW 328d,|2016-2018 BMW 330e,|2017-2018 BMW 330i,|2014-2016 BMW 428i,|2017-2019 BMW 430i,|2013-2018 BMW 320i,|2012-2016 BMW 328i