Corbeau Seats - A4

The A4 has been a favorite for years for its price and incredible quality. The reclining course seats, the A4 is your best asset. A4 has been designed for overall width and seat height, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with vehicles, as well as the Corvette, Miata and 240SX, for not name ones. This is not to say that it is only passing to small vehicles because it is also very popular in vehicles as well as big ones like Jeeps, Broncos and Mustangs, among others. Whether in the street, on the track or off-road, the A4 course seat will enhance your driving experience. The A4 is actually high-end injection molded foam and high wear patches are strategic to protect your seat from abuse in areas of high wear. The A4 is capable of harness and an anti-marine slot can be added to accommodate a 5- or 6-point harness belt. The A4 course chair is available in fabric, with faux-leather, microsuede patches, with patches of leather and 100% black leather. Typically, the A4 size is suitable for a size of up to 34-36 inches, while the A4 size is suitable for sizes up to 38-40 inches. Note: the price is in pairs.